Or maybe ask the Russian judo players themselves?

I am not here to instruct the IJF or make any decisions, but only to express my opinion and a different point of view. Many world sports federations have already decided to exclude Russian and Belarusian players. A similar decision was made at the Paralympic Games that are currently taking place.

When I think about it, I cannot imagine that there will be a match between a Ukrainian and a Russian competitor on the mat. No matter how you try to explain it, I do not believe that the players would be able to reject the emotions related to the current war in Ukraine at the moment. Honestly speaking, I cannot imagine the fans’ reaction during such duels. Additionally, judges would be subjected to enormous pressure and many of the verdicts could be or appear controversial.

The IJF and the whole world of judo very often refer to lofty slogans and values, such as in the bushido code – honor, morality, honesty, justice, courage, bravery, love, compassion, kindness, culture, respect, truth, truthfulness, loyalty and many more. During the difficult sports and political situations concerning the rivalry between the representative of Israel Sagi Muki and the representative of Iran Saeid Mollaei, the judo world has been able to be brave, adamant and united. Very quickly the Iranian Judo Federation was brought to justice. Today in Ukraine people are dying every day and the country is slowly falling into disrepair, and we are unable to react appropriately and we are trying to explain the decision to allow Russian players to compete in beautiful, diplomatic words …

Since we are guided by such beautiful ideas in our discipline and we want to justify them with the decision to allow Russian judo players to compete, I have such an idea. Since we are guided by such beautiful values, it would be fair for all participants to be guided by them without exception. Let us ask the Russian players themselves, all those who want to compete, what opinion they have on the current war – do they support the current invasion of independent Ukraine or condemn the decision of the Putin’s government?

It’s such a simple matter and the players themselves will determine what values they profess and on which side they want to stay.

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